Kris Hall's journey through a gray LA morning.

The day dawned cold and gray, but Kris Hall fearlessly suited up in his trusty 2m long arm spring Jonesea armor. 

With unwavering determination, he paddled out into the battle, ready to conquer the waves without a trace of fear.

As we ventured forth, my sniper-like eye fixated on Kris, capturing the intricate details of his awe-inspiring skills.

Like a ghostly apparition, we glided through the landscape, swiftly and silently, becoming one with the very fabric of our surroundings. It was as if we were phantoms, haunting the dreams of our adversaries, leaving an unforgettable impression in our wake.

Kris's unwavering spirit and flawless style commanded respect, while my lens preserved each remarkable moment, freezing them in time for all to witness.

In the face of challenging conditions, we emerged victorious, driven by Kris's indomitable courage and the passion that fueled our souls. The cold and gray transformed into a canvas where bravery and skill danced in harmony, leaving an indelible mark on our journey.

Story and Images by Jonesea