The Jonesea Approach

Jonesea's mission is to create quality, handcrafted products that are fashionable yet functional. Building the best and outlasting the rest.

Jonesea uses Yulex, a natural rubber derived from trees, as his main source of rubber. The jersey that protects the rubber is knitted with recycled polyester constructed from recycled fishnets and plastic bottles. The rubber and jersey are laminated together with a water based glue, eliminating the use of harsh chemicals. Today this process provides us with the greenest option for a wetsuit.


Jonesea wetsuits are designed and hand-crafted from start to finish, using traditional methods. The process employs conservation, simplicity and creativity, resulting in a long-lasting, stylish and ecologically friendly product.


Jonesea aspires to keep the soul in surfing. His love for the ocean and its surroundings, inspires a continual search for the best eco friendly approaches. He is proud to say that all wetsuits are US made.