Jonesea is a true artisan, with 16 years experience designing, fashioning and assembling quality wetsuits. Jonesea has been surfing for 35 years and understands the wants and needs of any surfer.

This year, after serving the surf community for over 16 years, Jonesea revamped his online store and processes to make purchasing a suit smoother and also enhance his quality of life.

And, he's re-introduced custom-tailored wetsuits for a selection of the Jonesea line.



During the custom tailored experience Jonesea creates a personalized pattern of your measurements and builds a suit made just for you. A one of a kind Jonesea.

Part I: 1st Appointment

Your first appointment consists of having your custom measurements taken. The consultation will take place at Jonesea's shop in Costa Mesa, Ca. and will last about 30-45 minutes. Jonesea will schedule a second appointment for your fitting at this time.

Part II

Jonesea will then begin creating your custom suit. A personalized pattern of your measurements will be created. Your custom wetsuit will then be hand cut, glued, and assembled. It's now ready for your fitting.

Part III: 2nd Appointment

For this appointment you’ll come back to the Jonesea shop for a fitting. You’ll try on your suit and see if any adjustments are needed. Afterwards, Jonesea will tend to the areas that need attention, and put the finishing touches on your suit. The completed suit will then be mailed to you.