Onyx LA Cheeky

Regular price$429.95
  • Best for water 65º-75º F/18º -23º C
  • Made to Order

The LA Cheeky spring suit is where sustainability meets unparalleled design. Meticulously crafted from the highest quality limestone-based material complemented by a recycled jersey. This eco-conscious masterpiece is laminated with care, using a water-based adhesive, reflecting my commitment to both style and environmental responsibility. The result is a signature material that perfectly balances flexibility with exceptional heat retention. 

Experience the sophistication of the long arm bikini-cut design, thoughtfully engineered for optimal sun and wind protection, while maintaining your core temperature. This suit seamlessly blends comfort and style, achieving the perfect equilibrium between coverage and flexibility.

As a final touch, our new iconic 'J' logo graces the suit, symbolizing a dedication to quality and marking a distinctive sense of style.  

Model is wearing a size 4.

All wetsuits are made to order which takes 14 business days and are shipped out as soon as they are created

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