Custom Tailored Yamamoto Fullsuit

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  • Best for water 54º- 64ºF/ 12º -17º C
  • Crafted From Yamamoto Limestone Material

Experience the ultimate comfort, durability and warmth with a custom-made wetsuit tailored precisely to your measurements.

Choose your favorite color and thickness for your wetsuit, and schedule your first appointment. During the custom tailored experience Jonesea creates a personalized pattern of your measurements and builds a suit made just for you. A one of a kind Jonesea.

The Yamamoto Fullsuit is made from premium Yamamoto limestone-based material from Japan. The result is buttery soft suit that guarantees superior flexibility, buoyancy, and thermal efficiency. The seams are expertly glued, blind-stitched and tape welded, ensuring a long lasting performance.

This product is final sale and is not eligible for returns or exchanges. No exceptions.


    All wetsuits are made to order which takes 14 business days and are shipped out as soon as they are created

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    The Custom Tailored Process

    I. COnsultation

    Your first appointment consists of having your custom measurements taken. The consultation will take place at Jonesea's shop in Costa Mesa, Ca. and will last about 30-45 minutes. Jonesea will schedule a second appointment for your fitting at this time.

    II. Creation

    Jonesea will then begin creating your custom suit. A personalized pattern of your measurements will be created. Your custom wetsuit will then be hand cut, glued, and assembled. It's now ready for your fitting.

    III. Fitting

    For this appointment you’ll come back to the Jonesea shop for a fitting. You’ll try on your suit and see if any adjustments are needed. Afterwards, Jonesea will tend to the areas that may need attention, and put the finishing touches on your suit. The completed suit will then be mailed to you.


    Jonesea wetsuits are my one and only go to. Shane delivers a custom color and fit tailored to my body perfectly. I’ve gotten six suits from him now and the quality and design is fire. Not only does Shane rip but he’s so rad to work with. 10/10 recommend

    Paige T.

    Shane is amazing! I got a custom LA Cheeky- I love it! Shane is super professional and did such an awesome job. I have struggled for a long time with wetsuits and having them fit me well. It was so nice to have something made special for me and to my measurements.

    Lindsay W.